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Undergraduate Research Assistants

The Marler Lab has trained many undergraduate research assistants throughout the years. Undergraduates learn many valuable skills in our lab, which may include qPCR, behavior testing, immunohistochemistry, and more. Undergraduates with an interest in Animal Behavior, Neuroendocrinology, Psychology, and/or neuroscience are encouraged to reach out!

Further, if you have an interest in combining machine learning with behavior and neuroscience, please reach out to us!


Declare your interest in an Undergraduate Research position

Please submit this form if you are a UW-Madison student interested in assisting with research in our lab.

  • Write us a message. Please include what interests you about our lab, your current career aspirations, describe any previous research experience you may already have, and provide us with any additional information you feel is relevant.
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Prospective Graduate Students

Professor Marler can take students through the Department of Psychology , the Department of Integrative Biology, or the Neuroscience Training Program.  Please send Dr. Marler an email of inquiry and include areas of interest and relevant experience. For additional information about applying online, check the Graduate School’s website.