Catherine Marler


Phone: Phone: (608) 262-5598 / Fax: (608) 262-4029

Dr. Marler is a professor in the Department of Psychology and is affiliated with the Department of Integrative Biology.

Current Collaborators

Former Lab Members

  • Ellen Davis (Assoc. Prof, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater)
    Challenge & Winner Effect  /  Neuroendocrine basis of female aggression
  • Nicole Kime (Assoc. Prof, Edgewood College)
    AVT and anuran communication  /  Challenge & Winner effect
  • Erin Gleason (Medical Science Liason, Vertex Pharmaceuticals)
    Hormonal mechanisms of mate choice and courtship.
  • Elizabeth Becker (Assist. Prof, St. Joseph’s University)
    Dopamine and the winner effect, urinary scent marking
  • Matthew Fuxjager (Assist. Prof, Wake Forest University)
    Androgen hormones, territoriality, and the winner effect
  • Tina Whitney
    Progesterone, aggression, and paternal behavior  /  AVT and anuran communcation.
  • Darcy Geddes
    Neuroendocrine basis of paternal behavior female aggression
  • Temitayo Oyegbile (Physician, UW Hospital)
    Challenge & Winner effect
  • Janet Bester-Meredith (Assoc. Prof, Seattle Pacific University)
    AVP and aggression
  • Ramon Diaz-Uriarte (Assoc. Prof, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
    Antipredator behavior and aggression  /  Effects of testosterone on parasite load
  • Brian Trainor (Assoc. Prof, University of California at Davis)
    Environment and development  /  AVP and aggression  /  Challenge & Winner effect  /  Effects of testosterone and aromotase on social behavior
  • Kurt Klomberg
    AVT and anuran communication