Zhimin Hu

Position title: Machine Learning Undergraduate Assistant

Email: hu436@wisc.edu

Majoring in Computer Science

Zhimin is a senior undergraduate majoring in computer science at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Since joining the Marler Lab as a research assistant in August 2022, He has been developing statistical and machine learning methodologies to unravel the complexities of the synchrony behavior exhibited by California Mice.

His academic interests broadly lie in bridging the gap between natural and machine intelligence. He navigates the multifaceted intersections of cognition research and artificial intelligence, gravitating toward two pivotal spheres: leveraging AI to advance scientific understanding and exploring bio-informed AI. Currently, his research is segmented into three primary areas: Biological time series modeling and analysis, multi-modal feature representations, and exploring the reasoning and causality underlying neural networks.

Outside of his academic endeavors, he can be found engaging in road cycling, participating in track and field events, or immersing himself in modern art and fashion design.

Zhimin’s Photo featured on the website was taken by Zhiwei, another member of our lab!