Abagayle Scapple

Position title: Undergraduate Research Assistant

Email: ascapple@wisc.edu

Abagayle is a senior at UW-Madison who is majoring in Psychology and Legal Studies with a minor in Criminal Justice. She joined the Marler Lab in the summer of 2023 as an undergraduate research assistant.

Abagayle’s research interests are focused on juvenile delinquency and abnormal behaviors displayed in humans. The Marler lab has given her an opportunity to learn more about the biological, neurological, and environmental factors that play a rule in abnormal behaviors in Peromyscus californicus, as the research conducted can provide insight to how the social behavior of mice differs under particular circumstances, which may be similar to experiences impacting human social behavior.

In her free time, Abagayle enjoys performing on the football field as a trumpet player in the UW Marching Band or tending to her enormous collection of plants!