Zhiwei Xue

Position title: Machine Learning Undergraduate Assistant

Email: aidanxue@umich.edu

Majoring in Computer Science

Zhiwei is an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, majoring in Computer Science. Since joining the Marler Lab at the University of Wisconsin – Madison in September 2022, he has been employing machine learning methodologies to decode behavioral intricacies in California Mice.

In his academic work, Zhiwei focuses on the intersection of AI and natural systems. He’s particularly interested in how AI can aid scientific research, commonly referred to as AI4Science. His current pursuits focus on biological time series signal analyses, exploring the reasoning and causality inherent in neural networks, and harnessing the potential of generative models in the natural sciences.

In his free time, Zhiwei’s passions range from portrait photography and archery to the serene art of gardening.